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Cutting Edge Research on Solar Energy and Nanoparticle Application

The Center for Nanotechnology is engaged in innovative research projects. Firstly, the center is conducting a cutting-edge dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) research. The third generation DSSC are fabricated from simple materials and are generally less expensive and environmentally friendly. Different natural, organic and synthetic dyes are being used to harness solar energy for the production of electricity.

Another leading-edge research effort involves the use of terahertz radiation (THz) for the characterization of a variety of materials among them being semiconductor devises. Recent discovery of sources for terahertz generation and detection has spurred innovative work in this area of research.

The center is also involved in nanoparticle research. New methods have been developed at the center for the size analysis of gold particles.

The current research work has resulted in a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals including Nature Scientific reports and Advances in Material Physics and Chemistry.

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