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GEOLOOM co>map: Cultural Mapping in Baltimore

GEOLOOM co>map is an online mapping tool that demonstrates how arts and culture is woven into Baltimore’s neighborhoods and social fabric. The goal of GEOLOOM co>map is to insure that every Baltimore community receives the attention and support needed to establish and maintain livability throughout the city. The tool is intended for a wide audience, including arts and culture organizations, urban planners, non-profits, researchers, community associations, activists, developers, and residents. GEOLOOM allows users to gain a better understanding of the arts and culture landscape along with the ability to view data within a broader context of demographic, real estate, and ecological information.

Through visualization, GEOLOOM will aid cultural institutions, businesses, and elected officials by heightening their awareness of potential audiences, customers, and constituents.

To learn more about the tool and its development, please visit here.

To explore the tool, please visit geoloom.org.

This workshop will help attendees navigate the GEOLOOM co>map as well as demonstrate how the tool can be a resource for communities and the city of Baltimore. The workshop will demonstrate different ways residents and community organizations can add their own arts and culture data, such as information about community events, public art, and historic sites, to the GEOLOOM co>map. This allows communities to self-define what they consider arts and culture and, in turn, show both what brings neighborhoods together and makes them unique.

University of Baltimore
11 W Mount Royal Ave, BC 015 21201
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  • Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance

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