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Dev Talks

Spend the afternoon with your dev team getting inspired with a series of high-level presentations.

Either case-study or demo format, speakers will present talks focused around today's trending problem solving tools and innovative solutions.


  • 1:00 PM | Registration, Networking & Lunch
  • 1:45 PM | Welcoming Remarks
  • 2:00 PM | Presentations
  • 3:40 PM | BREAK
  • 4:10 PM | Presentations Continue
  • 5:10 PM Program Ends

Dev Talk topics to date:

Still 'Getting' Clojure (Parentheses are just hugs for your code with Gary Trakhman, Data Engineer at Arena.io and Milt Reder, VP of Engineering at Yet Analytics

Clojure(Script) is a dialect of Lisp that offers developers an excellent balance of elegance and utility. We'll give a whirlwind tour of the language with synonyms from Ruby and JavaScript and a demo of interactive REPL-driven development. Don't fear the parentheses, they're just hugs for your code.

Unlocking and Leveraging Your Customer Data / Establishing a Customer Data Platform with TJ Tate, Web Director of Agora Financial

For the past year Agora Financial has been laying the ground work to collect, analyze, segment and act on their customers data to enable highly personable experiences across multiple touch points. In this presentation, we’ll go way beyond your customer data stored in a CRM or marketing automation tool. We'll explore aggregating all of your customer data in all of its silos into one place, layering on individual customers' content affinities and sentiments, and applying machine learning scoring algorithms for each of your customers. We’ll talk tactically about exposing these audience segments to a variety of channels for marketing, analysis and support with the ultimate goal of understanding our customers by understanding the vast array of data we can harness. Hear about the vision and potential behind this powerful approach and learn about how to make this happen for your company/organization.

Mobile Maintenance: How We Disrupted Facility Maintenance with Babila Lima, Director of the Business Process Improvement Office at City of Baltimore for the Department of General Services and Varghese Paranilam, Project Manager at City of Baltimore, Department of General Services

Facility Maintenance on century-old buildings is hard enough. Add in the fact that the City of Baltimore owns over 800 structures makes the task even more difficult. And then spread those facilities over 90 square miles and you begin to see the magnitude of Facility Maintenance. Mobile Maintenance breaks the traditional mindset: “see a problem, report a problem, fix a problem”. Through technology and innovation, we have created a unit that can proactively dispatch and repair maintenance issues at our remote facilities. They are provided the tools, materials and technology to hit the ground running every day. Join us to see how we made this possible.

Collision Course: When the Physical & Digital Worlds Collide with Tim Kulp, Director of Emerging Technologies at Mind Over Machines

This topic is focused on the opportunities and challenges (both technical and social) where digital realities (Augmented, Virtual, AI) mix with the physical world. Why are AR and AI leading this collision? How do we prevent information overload in this world of sensory & sensors? What does this mean for the ever growing digital divide? After the session, attendees will have an awareness of the potential (both positive and negative) of this collision and be inspired to champion a better mixed reality world.

Scaling Your App: Don’t Drown in Data with Deepak Jain, Founder and CEO at AiNET

Your app is heading towards critical mass, and now is drowning from the resources it needs – data stored in larger amounts, and for longer periods of time. Deepak Jain of AiNET will address how new technology will allow you to move beyond the limitations of traditional tools, and how to avoid the pitfalls that crater so many apps before they reach scale.

Archer Innovations: A Candid Look at our Explorations into VR, AR, and AI with Le'Rhone Walker, Director of Technology at The Archer Group

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence have become some of the biggest buzzwords in tech. We've drawn 3D VR paintings in Tilt Brush, experienced mass-market AR with Pokémon Go and Snapchat filters, and have used digital assistants to enhance our everyday tasks. But what about businesses? How can organizations leverage these emerging platforms to meet their business objectives? This talk is a behind-the-scenes look at our work with these technologies, a glimpse inside our Innovations Lab, and a look at practical ways Archer is using these platforms to create meaningful experiences for our clients.

Security through Openness and Empathy with Olivia Brundage,Information Security Engineer at Mapbox

Security can be hard - especially if your protection against attacks is rigid rules and regulations. Cyber attacks are dynamic and changing constantly, which means the ways we detect, report, and respond to such attacks need to be just as agile. But how can you bring this agility to your organization? If everyone views security as a priority, the chance of a successful attack diminishes, but you need two critical pieces to support this culture: openness and empathy. In this talk, we'll go over tools, tips, and strategies to bring openness and empathy to strengthen your security posture.

Rapid Prototyping - You Can Do It!! with Sarah Jennings,Creative Director of Brand and Ad Innovation at OATH

Ever wondered what rapid prototyping looks like in practice? Come hear about the basics of rapid prototyping as well as some practical suggestions as to how to create a culture of learning, optimize your loop length and stay in the medium you should be paying most attention to - YOUR USERS!

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University of Baltimore, John and Frances Angelos Law Center
1401 N. Charles Street 21201
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  • Gary Trakhman

    Gary Trakhman

    Gary is a Data Engineer at Arena.io. He dabbles in UI and knows way too much Clojure. He has

  • Milt Reder

    Milt Reder

    Milt Reder is VP of Engineering at Yet Analytics, where he and his team use Clojure(Script) to model

  • TJ Tate

    TJ Tate

    T.J. Tate is the Web Director of Agora Financial where he oversees the company’s technology stack.

  • Babila Lima

    Babila Lima

    Babila Lima is the Director of the Business Process Improvement Office for the Department of General

  • Varghese Paranilam

    Varghese Paranilam

    Varghese has worked for multiple agencies with the City of Baltimore since 2011 including the

  • Tim Kulp

    Tim Kulp

    Tim is the Director of Emerging Technologies at Mind Over Machines where he helps clients build for the

  • Deepak Jain

    Deepak Jain

    Deepak Jain is the founder of AiNET. His career of 30 years has produced dozens of patents in

  • Le'Rhone Walker

    Le'Rhone Walker

    Le`Rhone is part of the technology leadership at The Archer Group and oversees the front end

  • Sarah Jennings

    Sarah Jennings

    Sarah Jennings started building things as soon as she was big enough to hold a hammer, and

  • Olivia Brundage

    Olivia Brundage

    Olivia is a Information Security Engineer at Mapbox, She works on securing their cloud


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